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Business Bookkeeping

What’s Included?

  • Bookkeeping for $250/per month for first full year
  • Payroll, for additional $50/per month for first full year (up to 10 employees)
  • %50 discount for your Business Tax Returns for the company 
  • 30% discount on Personal Tax Return
  • Note: one-year contract must be signed

Our services include:

• Business and Tax Consulting
• Advisory Services
• Tax Planning
• Personal Tax Preparation
• Business Tax Preparation
• Tax Compliance Assistance
• Bookkeeping
• Payroll
• Other Business Services

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You can choose from different body, header, footer and blog styles with WPKoi theme.

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WPKoi themes are compatible with Elementor page builder and WooCommerce webshop plugins!

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The theme and the plugin is under GPL license so You can use them on as many sites as You want!

Our Prices

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  • Unlimited sites
  • Basic features


129$ for lifetime
  • Unlimited sites
  • Basic features
  • Premium features
  • Updates for lifetime
  • All WPKoi Themes

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